A Walk with a view – Morning Oltr-arno Stroll

Enjoy beautiful views just a a couple of kilometres from the historical centre. Begin from Borgo San Frediano toward Piazza Tazzo crossing Viale Francesco Petrarca toward via dei Velluti where you can see a number of interesting historical architectural structures.
Arrive in Piazza San Francesco di Paolo where there is a quaint church and a familiar family crest. It is none other than that of the Medic! . The garden of San Francesco di Paolo is a historical garden of 1583 that can be visited every Tuesday.
On the opposite side of the church you will see Villa Pagani an eclectic design from 1896. A gently rolling climb up to Via di Bellosguardo takes you to one of the most beautiful views of Florence.
Pass by Villa Ombrellino where Galileo Galilei lived from 1617-1631.
Take a Left on to Via San Carlo and loop down to Via Ugo Foscolo where you will eventually arrive at Porta Romana. This is the perfect 3km walk.


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