San Gimignano

San Gimignano is one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany. The perfect hill town is strategically located between Florence and Siena. It’s only downfall is it is frequented by thousands of tourists and can seem somewhat ‘un-authentic’.
Here are a few recommendations on how to make the most out of your visit to the famous hill town.
You should arrive in the late afternoon around 3.00pm that way you will miss the thousands of mega bus groups touring the town from around 9-11am. In the summer months from June-September you can even arrive around 6.00pm for a glass of local Vernaccia wine at one of the many local wine bars around Piazza della Cisterna or in the pretty square called Piazza dell’erbe that looks over the Torre Salvucci. The town centre is perfect after sunset as it is dim lit and really looks the part as ‘the perfect medieval city’.
Enter in to the city from Porta San Matteo. Stop at the delicious bakery called ‘Panificio Boboli’ for a warm pastry or fresh Foccaccia bread called Schiacciata in Tuscany.
You will see a number of artisanal stores one of my favourite on Via San Matteo is Trizia Pic. Enjoy a visit to the Church of St Agostino. Visit the rocca – a medieval fortress with incredible views of the valley.
Other shopping experiences not to be missed are in Piazza dell Erbe visit Le Sorrelle. Don’t miss selection of pastries and local biscuits at Armando e Marcella on Via San Giovanni.


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