Touring a Bio-dynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Farm

Visit a biodynamic Olive Oil farm. Where you will meet owner Contessa Rosella Bencini. Enjoy a tour of the property that was originally a Medici Hunting lodge.
Take a walk around the beautiful Italian gardens of fruit trees and flowers. Visit the vineyards and olive groves. Experience views of the small hamlet known as Bacceretto.
See the home of Leonardo da Vinci’s grandmother in valley. Arrive in the tasting room to meet charming Farmer Alberto to taste estates extra virgin olive oil on bread toasted over a wood fire (called ‘Fettunta’ in Tuscany). You will also taste delicious dessert wine ‘vino santo’ with sun dried figs made by Alberto and recognised by slow food. And of course Estates wine!
Private Tour available all year from Monday to Saturday for more information contact me at


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