Vegetarian Baked Pasta – Recipe from River Cafe in London

I made a wonderful Baked Pasta for dinner the other evening that I wanted to share. It is very easy and delicious! The recipe is by chef and cookery writer Rose Gray  who set up  a wonderful Italian restaurant on the Thames River.

300g Rigatoni (Tube shaped pasta)
60g Parmesan (Reggiano)
200g Semi-mature Pecorino Cheese
200g Peas (even frozen)
1 clove of Garlic
A handful of parsley
15 mint leaves
35g Butter
30g Flour
1/2 litre of Milk
white pepper

Boil milk in another pot boil peas, garlic and parsley. Melt butter and on a medium flame add flour to butter stir vigirously  adding a little salt, remove butter and flour from flame.  Slowly add boiling milk to butter and flour stir continually until you have obtained the perfect béchamel.
Cook the Rigatoni in boiling water once cooked (al dente) add peas, garlic, parsley, parmesan, béchamel,  7 mint leaves and white pepper. Add half the ingredient to a buttered pan add shavings of pecorino over half of the pasta then add the rest of the pasta and again pecorino. Cook for 20minutes in preheated oven on 200°C. Once read add the rest of the mint leaves and serve


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