Tea & Chocolate the perfect combination!

I was so happy to come across this quaint Tea and Chocolate shop. Located in Piazza Pitti just after the Pitti Palace on the Left you will find Oro-Nero.
We were greeted by the lovely Lucy owner.  
Upon arrival Lucy asked if we would like to try some tea.The shelves are stacked with a wonderful assortment of tea containers from a well known Florentine company La Via del Tè , the historical tea company Dammann Frères that was recently purchased by illygroup and a few containers of their very own signature selection called ‘Oro-Nero’. Once Lucy described perhaps the fifth tea that was infused with chocolate we decided this was the tea to taste! 

Lucy the owner La Via del Tè products

With her perfect gold urn filledwith boiling water she swiftly added the fresh tea to separate tea filters and left the cups to sit for around four minutes. In them mean time she talked to us about the history of the brands the birth of the store and her passion for tea and chocolate.
Lucy and her sister decided to open the store. Their passion continues after years of studying tea you can see the quality in what they sell and most importantly love. They have continued fun events in the store and are organising a few aperitif tea events combining tea with the perfect food. This will definitely be added to our Florence Foodies Walk.


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