Trattoria La Lola

I was really sad when my local Bar – Flet closed.  In Italy a Bar is where you have your breakfast in the morning with a cappuccino and brioche, hang out after picking your children up from school with fruit juice and a few snacks.  In the late afternoon you can enjoy an aperitif with snacks. A bar is ‘the meeting point’ a ‘local hang out’. Typically one chooses their local from the type of coffee served, the freshness of the pastries in the morning and the vibe.  The barista is very important as he or she sets the ambience of the entire premises.
Even though I finally arrived in the historical centre to my office and typically have a second cappuccino! I do not really like the vibe of the other bar’s close to my house.  After dropping Giulio off the other day I made my way toward Santo Spirito that has always been a very happening place although in the past year or so more locations are opening up and it has become the hip place to be!

On the corner of Via della Chiesa and Via delle Caldaie I saw a gorgeous small bar called ‘Trattoria La Lola’. Obviously a restaurant during the day in the morning you can find none other than the very friendly Lola making fabulous cappuccino in a Big Cup just the way I like it! there are large tables where locals sit together and enjoy their coffee while reading the news paper. Every one who walks in knows Lola and she happily greets her clients calling them by her name or if she forgets she calls most of them ‘Bello’ or ‘Bella’! Love it! La Lola Trattoria is my new Oltra – Arno morning Capuccino stop


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