Pitti & Gola

Finding a delicious meal and exceptional wines is not always typical in a famous square.
In Piazza Pitti you will find Pitti & Gola.
This exception wine bar is run by three passionate wine experts Eduardo, Manuele & Zeno.
The wine bar is a reflection of their personality and style.
You will find a number of interesting wine selection along the bookshelves.
Most of their choices are regional wines that compliment the exceptional food from the region.
Here you can taste an incredible selection of national, regional and even international cheese and salumi. Meals are prepared by a local cook who makes selected hand made pasta with delicious sauces.
Be sure to try the unforgettable ricotta terrain with pappa al pomodoro, chicken liver crostini,
eggplant flan and more.
The wine bar has over 3000 bottles of Chianti Classico from boutique wineries.
Taste delicious 100% Sangiovese Pure styles or the more traditional chianti with a little cananiolo grape varietal.  Selected Brunello di Montalcino including Northen specialities such as Nebbiolo along with a few particular whites not to mention the excellent selection of Champagne and Francia Corta.
Perfect flavours at and exceptional wine bar.


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