The Most Famous House in Italian Wine

There is something really special about visiting a winery that has been around for 26 generations. In Italy this is possible! in fact just minutes from where I live in Florence I can visit the Piazza degli Antinori where the original palace of the family is situated. Today Palazzo Antinori is a private residence and also has a fantastic wine bar and restaurant inside called Cantinetta Antinori and just over the road on the gorgeous fashion street of Via dè Tornabuoni you can stop by Procacci for a glass of Cervaro della Sala one of Italy’s best Chardonnay with a petit Truffle duchesse or other wonderful specialties.

The new Wine Estate and Antinori headquarters Antinori Chianti Classico at Bargino really is innovative. Incredible to imagine the family began in 1385 although the clever family have wineries all over the world that includes California, Chile and Argentina.  Having been around in a time where there only competitor was the European market their realisation to grow and be part of the huge world wine market  justifies their reasons to delve in to the New World.  In fact having visited their two new structures in Bargino and Castiglione della Pescaia you can see they really have plans to become one of the largest wine families in the world!




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