The Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museum with out the crowds!

The first time I visited the Sistine Chapel I wished I could lay on the ground to get a clear view of the master Michelangelo’s incredible fresco’s.  Well that day finally arrived while in Rome with a small group of tour we visited the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum in exclusivity. It was one of the most magic experiences.
Walking down the isles of the map room being able to stand individually in front of the tapestries and collections with out be moved on or bold over by thousands of people. My guests had been to the Vatican on previous vacations and new how lucky we were to be there with our expert guide seated in the sistine chapel for over 45 minutes learning about the story of each panel in detail and delight.
There is no way to jump the queue of  Basilica of St Peter even if you are with an authorised guide although the line looks very long it is usually about a 30minute wait.
If you do not have the €€€€ to enter the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel in exclusivity I recommend you visit in the evening where you will experience half the crowds of the day. During the Summer season every Friday the Vatican is open from 7pm -11pm this sure is a pleasant way to visit. You can purchase you tickets directly at – although I highly recommend a guided tour with an expert guide
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