The Sprone Fountain – Artisans on the Oltrarno

I was so happy to return home to find the Buontalenti’s Sprone fountain re-stored! situated in Piazza Frescobaldi between Via delle Sprone and Borgo San Jacopo you will find one of the most elegant fountains in Florence. The word ‘Sprone’ means a corner formated with two roads. You can easily arrive at this point by crossing the Ponte Santa Trinita bridge or from the famous Ponte Vecchio taking a right on Borgo San Jacopo which to begining with just seems like another tourist haven. Although you can find some wonderful stores and great places to eat!

Check out! Ortigia  That shop with the divine smell and gorgeous packaging on your RIGHT from the Ponte Vecchio is the place! A sicilian soap and scent company founded in Sicily. Owner Sue Townsend is founder of Crab Tree & Evelyn together with master perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi who distils the flowers of Sicily to create luxurious soaps, creams, candles and lotions indigenous to that incredible Southern Region!

Le Sorrelle just a few meters further on your right you will find this lovely contemporary artisanal store run by a Luccese family. The family create home made linens inspired by Tuscany along with soaps and lotions. Inventors of the Uashmama brand that is washable paper used to create hand bags, plant sacks and bread bags that are all in wonderful colours and styles.

Le Busatti With over 200 years of working in the fabric business. This company hardly needs an introduction.   Visit the incredible show room that works with leading designers from Dior, Hermes & Crisofle 

Lounge Bar Picteau Aperitivo with a view on the gorgeous terrace or inside Lounge Bar Picteau where you can also view original art pieces by Picasso & Cocteau.

BJORK Check out this cool retail store packed with contemporary Italian design





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