Quality, Traditional Meals on a Budget in Florence

Traditional fair is often what one looks for when travelling. In Florence you can eat at a number of wonderful places that are not at all costly.  Typically the lunch menu is always cheaper so if you are travelling on a budget live like a local! and eat your main meal in the day! Check out a few of these local, quality eateries:

Sant Ambroggio District – Il Giova – Borgo La Croce 73, 50121 
The perfect lunch with a mere 8.50Euro you can enjoy a first course and a 1/4 of house wine that is delicious from Bolgheri one of the best wine areas of Tuscany.

Osteria del Porcellino – Via Val di Lamona 7r, 50123 
This lovely Osteria is typically where local market owners at the loggia situated in front of the restaurant frequent.  The lunch meal that changes daily is a little cheaper as advertised on the website. The pici in a red duck sauce is divine!

La Spada Ristorante – Via della Spada 62r, Via del Sole 35/r, 50123 
Rosticerria La Spada – Via del Moro 66r, 50123 
One of the only historical Rotisseries left in the historical centre. If you are craving roast chicken look no further than the La Spada Restaurant where you can also buy take away at the Rosticerria La Spada just around the corner of the main restaurant entrance.

Alimentari Mariano – Via del Parione 19r, 50123 Florence
On the charming local street of Via del Parione you will find this wonderful location. Mariano and his son run the show and are both very charming characters! Enjoy a quick panino or crostini and be sure to try the home made white truffle paste served on small toasted bread with butter accompanied with a glass of prosecco for under 5Euro!!

Fiaschetteria Nuvoli – Piazza dell’Olio 15, 50123 Florence
Just behind the busy square of the Baptistry you will find this charming location. Upon arrival you will find locals drinking a little chianti with seasonal snacks like crostini or egg with anchovy. Enjoy a Tuscan bread soup on one of the stools at the bar where you can really get a feel of the local vibe. The friendly owner is part of this locations charm







3 thoughts on “Quality, Traditional Meals on a Budget in Florence

  1. A personal guide in Florence for tasting the real flavour of florentine food. Tanks to Linda even florentine based people, as I am, learn everyday something new about their own city traditions and culture. A must in food and tavel blogsphere.

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