Ancient Grains – Bakeries in Florence

Making bread in Italy is part of the local culture. Every region has their own style of making bread. In Tuscany the bread has no salt although you can find schiacciata a slightly thinner focaccia bread with kosher salt, evo and rosemary.

There are many bakeries and top pizzeria that will use a pre-ferment know as ‘mother dough’ this improves the keeping time of the bread and gives a better flavour. You will often find a selection of breads  even ancient grains that are ground by hand. Ancient grains include Kamut, Buck Wheat and even Spelt.  All ancient grains have at least 20% less gluten than modern grains and some of them such as buck wheat do not contain any gluten at all!

Check out these bakeries and pizzeria that use ‘mother dough’ & Ancient Grains:

Top Forno – Via della Spada
This bakery has a number of delicious biscuits made with cinnamon, kamut and Spelt. You will also find a selection of medieval recipes such as the schiacciata made with raisins and rosemary.  Be sure to also taste this medieval recipe with gorgonzola it tastes divine!!   You will find a selection of bread made with hand ground grains like kamut.  Try their chocolate chip vegan biscuits made with EVO.

Panificio Palestri – Borgo Ognisanti 102, 50123 Firenze
Delicious Baguette, schiacciata, bread sticks (grissini), you can stop in for lunch to enjoy their wonderful focaccia selection with tomato and olive.   They also make ‘cantucci’ Tuscany typical biscotti from Prato and they even have vin santo that you can purchase.

S.Forno – Via Santa Monica
To celebrate 12 years of success one my favourite wine bars on the Oltr-arno Santo Bevitore has just recently opened S.Forno. A chic delicatessen bakery that has a selection of typical tuscan breads as well as whole wheat loaves perfect for making bruschetta.  You will also find a great selection of typical Tuscan Products from local artisanal farms and factories such as Fattoria Il Palagiaccio’s creamy milks, mozzarella and to die for yoghurt, Pasta Martelli and more!

La Divina Pizza – Borgo Allegri 
Any pizzeria that serves pizza with Ovuli Mushroom and 40month old Parmigiano Reggiano has got to be the best place if not in Italy in the world!!! This wonderful quaint pizzeria is owned by a lovely family with a background in baking and solemn beliefs in ancient grains! Delicious flavours served with craft beers 


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