Schiacciata alla Fiorentina

Six weeks before lent is the time to celebrate ‘Carnevale’ that literally translates in latin to ‘carne’ – meat and ‘levare’ eliminate. This traditional christian celebrations means our bars, pastry shops and bakeries are staked with traditional delicious treats and one of them is the ‘Schiacciata all Fiorentina’. Originally called ‘Schiacciata Untà’  meaning ‘oily sponge cake’ for the lard once added now substituted with Olive Oil.
You can see this divine cake around town sprinkled with icing sugar and the Lily – Flower stencilled on top with cocoa powder.

Here are a few of my favourite places around town I recommend you try the ‘Schiacciata all Fiorentina’ also served filled with Chantilly Cream. 

Pasticceria Nencioni –  Open as a bakery, sweets and fresh pasta store in the 1950’s by Maria Luisa Falai and Vinicio Nencioni.  After the devastating flood of 1966 the family managed to get their store up and running and have continued to produce a selection of divine Florentine cakes and biscotti.  Apart from their incredible Schiaccata alla Fiorentina be sure to pass by around 4pm to taste with freshly baked rice pudding and shell shaped pastries filled with cream.

Forno Top – One of my favourite bakers around town makes a delicious and delicate Shiacciata alla Fiorentina. You will also find Cenci biscotti baked fresh daily for the season

Cafe Giacosa – The cafe owned by our favorite Florentine Designer  Roberto Cavalli not only makes the best Negroni in Town their  Schiaccata alla Fiorentina is Epic!!!

Giorgio – It goes with out saying when one really wants to be glutinous the only place to be is at Pasticceria Giorgio divine morning cappuccino with the Schiaccata is the perfect way to begin you day!!

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