The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

You can quite easily walk to the small church of Santa Maria delle Grazie from the Cathedral. It is about a 20minute pleasant walk. Upon arrival you will see the facade of the church and on its left the entry to the ‘Cennacolo Vinciano’ (Leaonardo da Vinci’s Last supper).

Book tickets by phone in advance on the official website at  that actually took me over an hour to do and we are in low season!  Be sure to also book an audio guide.
If you have planned your trip to Milan you should way in advance otherwise you will not get a chance to visit. Only 30 visitors are permitted entry each time and you only have 15minutes to view this magnificent work of art.   If you do not find any availability on the official website check  although at the price of the ticket per person 49.00 Euro (price on the official website 6,50 Euro)  you may as well book there one of the two tours they offer DaVinci’s Last Supper & Best of Milan Tour 

In 1495 Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned by his patron Ludovico Sforza as part of renovations to the church and its convent buildings.  Leonardo used a technique of his own invention to paint the last supper that was similar to oil painting applied to a damp wall. Therefore it is not a true fresco.

It is miraculous that the painting still exist.  Protective sandbagging prevented it from being stuck by allied bombing during World War II.

Standing in front of the original painting allows you to understand the genius behind Leonardo Da Vinci. Unfortunately both Leonardo’s manuscript and originals of the last supper project were stolen so there is no historical evidence of how he managed to draw the vantage point of his work.  Although whether up close or at a further distance the lineage and height of the objects represented are at perfect proportions. The symmetry is to perfection and the light coming from the windows painted behind the disciples and Jesus gives a Three dimensional effect.




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