Rabbit alla Cacciatora –

We have the most incredible butchers in every district of Florence. I don’t only buy my meat from my neighbourhood of  San Frediano  I have favourites around the city centre.  They include:

Falsetti Bruno  – Situated inside Mercato Sant Ambroggio this three generation of butchers has a wonderful display of typical meets they also have a kosher section.

Antica Macelleria f.illi Azzarri – More like a quality delicatessen than a butchers.  You can find boutique Chianti Classico, Franciacorta, EVO, eggs from Paolo Parisi’s Farm  and more.

Giovanni Lanini – is my local butchers. He and his wife have a wonderful selection of ready to go hamburgers, meatballs and more! I typically pass by with my boys after school so they can choose what they would like to eat. This time round Giulio chose rabbit! I had never cooked it before it is very easy and delicious!

1kg Rabbit cut in 12 pieces
1 Onion (Brown or Red)
3 Carrots
1 Small Celery
1/2 glass of White Wine
400g Whole Peeled Tomato
1 spoon of Plain Flour
200g Black Olives
Salt & Peppery


Chop up Onion, Carrots, Celery & Parsley add to a pot with 6 spoon of EVO. Once Onions are look golden add pieces of rabbit and wine.
Once the juice has evaporated add whole peeled tomatoes and lightly sieve in the flour. Add salt and pepper to taste and olives. Leave on the flame for around an hour, lightly wetting the rabbit with spoons of vegetable broth when needed.
Serve with Polenta
Recipe taken from The Complete Book of Florentine Cooking by Paolo Petroni 






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