Sicilian Experience

I was lucky enough to meet Carmelina Ricciardello for the second time last week. Carmelina is a true inspiration. Her outlook on Tourism is all about giving a part back to the people and the land. This is exactly what she has achieved with her business
Carmelina lives in the pretty village town of Santa Ambrogio just 12kilometres from the main city called Cefal├╣. During the high season she is busy organising tours. She offers small group and tailor made tour experiences. Her experiences include cooking class, horseback riding, visiting local cheese farmers, falconry and more. On Carmelina’s tours you will learn and enjoy the land, culture and passion of the local people in Sicily.
On her website you will find a link to accommodations in Sicily of which Carmellina has worked on since 2007 providing many young locals with jobs and allowing them to restore properties passed down from generations that were left empty for years. Thanks to Carmellina’s tourism initiatives the accommodations business is successfully being run by Margherita Cortona.
You will also find loads of information about Sicily on her website that also includes local events. Be sure to check out Carmelina’s Sicilian Experience


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