Triumphant Sweets and Fine Pleats at the Pitti Palace

Last week I was lucky enough to visit a number of wonderful exhibits and galleries not the typical itineraries one would experience when visiting florence.
The first exhibition was in the Palatine Gallery called ‘Dolci Trionfi e Finissime Piegature’ translates to ‘ ‘Triumphant Sweets and fine pleats’. One of the Curators Giovanna Giusti met with us to explain the lavish setting that is displayed. View a re-count of the dining table originally set in the ‘Sala dei Cinque cento’ the most largest and most important room inside the Palazzo Vecchio. It is 54metres long 23 metres wide and 18 metres in height.
On October 5, 1600 marked the date of the gala dinner for Maria dei Medici’s marriage with Enrico IV of France. The preparation of this table included sculpture in sugar! Some of the original sculpture arrived at over  115 metres high. The pieces were remakes from the great artists such as Giambologna and Pietro Tacca
Don’t miss this incredible exhibition where you can view a remake of the sugar sculptures by the Fonderia del Giudice including incredible pleated animals, plants and other decoration by Joan Sallas Weimar



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