Capers and Humans

Last Friday I joined the Internations group for a tour led by Federico Curcio called ‘Capers and Humans’ we met at Il Rifrullo on Via San Niccolo and walked out of the old doors toward Forte del Belvedere. Along the way we stopped to pick Caper berries and fresh capers growing wild out of the old wall. Federico explained how you can use these fresh capers for an aperitif or to add to pasta sauces and pizza.

Along the way Loredana a local certified guide told us about the history of the wall. In the group there were members from all over the world travelling around Europe with such interesting stories. Simona another local member told us about her family from Impruneta generations of terracotta makers her ancestors made the bricks to build the cathedral of Florence!

We finally arrived at the entrance of Forte Del Belvedere to see the exhibition by Antony Gormely. An interesting contemporary exhibit of copper sculpture in life like human form and with that back drop of the city it is not to be missed!

Joining Internations allows you to get a fantastic insight in to the city if you are a traveller check out the website and join!

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