Capo Vaticano Resort

The gorgeous views from the light house of Capo Vaticano. The stretch of magic coastline along the Tyrrhenian Sea toward the Capital of Reggio Calabria with bright blue sea is breathtaking.
The region of Calabria is isolated although incredibly fascinating with its Byzantine Hill towns, delicious cuisine and granita that is so good it is worthwhile flying over just for a taste of its wide selection of flavours that include prickly pear, almond, pistachio and chocolate to name of few!
Bar Cattedrale Gerace
Pistacchio & Chocolate Granita at Bar Cattedrale – Gerace

After all that travelling and eating it was time to visit Capovaticano Resort Thelasso & Spa we were welcomed by Giovanni the manager who took us around the entire premises.

There are 121 rooms including 9 Junior Suite. The Thelasso & Spa resort is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the picture perfect coast line of sandy beaches and amazing views that include the Aolian Islands.  The spa area includes 3 heated sea water pools, 1 phlebology marine course, sauna, aromatic showers and relaxation area, underwater showers, body scrubs, whirlpool baths, seaweed wraps & more.

The beautiful garden area leading to the private beach club and restaurant





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