Florence Markets & Delicatessens

It is one of my favourite seasons to visit the local growers markets around the city.  We have had so much fun on our Florence Markets & Delicatessens Tour. Loads of laughter and delicious flavours.
The are three main morning growers markets in Florence.  The biggest and most liveliest is the Mercato Centrale situated in the St Lorenzo District. You can visit the fruit and Veg, fish, meat & delicatessens stands until 2.00pm a few of my favourites are Baroni Alimentari where you will meet the gorgeous husband and wife duo Alessandro & Paola selling the most outstanding selection of national and international cheese, salumi, wine, evo and more! they also have a fantastic selection of hand made artisanal knives and cutlery from none other than the small hamlet called Scarperia town where you can find probably the best hand made knives in the world.
Just around the corner from Alessandro & Paola is the place to buy fresh pasta! for 5 Euro a kilo it is not worth making it!!!  At the fish stand you can find a wonderful vendor selling freshly fried fish, with squid, shrimp and you can even enjoy a glass of wine! The stand is called ‘Pescheria Ultima Spiaggia’ at it is just divine!

Fresh Tagliolini
Hand Made Tagliolini – perfect with fresh truffles now in season!

Upstairs is open from 11am until 11pm you will arrive at probably one of the best food halls in the world! the meats, fresh raw fish platters, incredible Neapolitan pIzza, hand made Mozzarella and of course David Bedu’s bakery this brings a whole new meaning to pizza by the slice don’t miss it!!
IMG_8411 IMG_8412
In Piazza Santo Spirito you will find a wonderful selection of fresh fruit, veg sometimes there is a stand selling craft beer along with a lovely area where you can pick up clothing at bargain prices.
IMG_6238 IMG_3385
The Sant Amrogio Markets – Check out the stand from the Casentino – fresh cut prosciutto & Porchetta delicious!!

In Sant Ambrogio well you just can’t go wrong. This is one of my favourite places to wander around you will have to contact me to join one of our groups! available 6 days a week from 10am – 12.00pm we would love to meet you there to taste and learn! OR of course you can visit on your own open from 7am -2.00pm Monday to Saturday

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