G-Rough unconventional luxury suites – Rome

While in Rome I had the pleasure of visiting G-Rough  a gorgeous Design Hotel.  Located just minutes away from Piazza Navona .

IMG_1632Upon entry to G-Rough suites you arrive at the G-bar
Like its sister property in Venice – Palazzina G to whom it owes its name G-Rough offers guests an unconventional concept created by iconic Italian designers and brands from the 1930’s and 50’s.  With of course all of the contemporary amenities of a high end boutique hotel.


The Hotel consists of 5 floors with 2 suites on every floor.  Room sized vary from 95sqm to 130sqm.  Rooms can be connected on each floor to create the ideal space for families.
The ideal would be to book the entire Palazzo with a group of friends where you can all enjoy the top floor terraces and ground floor common rooms.


That is just what Italy Customized has organised! as part of our 2016 Rome Options we have planned the perfect 6 night stay in Rome for a group of maximum 16 pax lodging at G-Rough. Package will include private tours to iconic places in Rome, cooking classes, lunch and dinner at the best restaurants in the Eternal City! contact us for more details






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