PaStation – Restaurant in Florence

Pastation is the mastermind of a group of young, innovative  Florentines from some of the most important  and controversial families in the city.

The lovely contemporary restaurant is situated inside the mobile Palazzo Ferosi there are two entries one is on Via Porta Rossa and  Via Mondola. From Via Porta Rossa you can see the immaculate kitchen and you can even order take away pasta! Take away pasta is a bit of a strange concept for locals. Even though pasta is the one of the oldest types of ‘Street Food’.  In the middle ages in Naples and Palermo Pasta was served at the market place and folk would stand on the street and eat pasta with their hands!


Pasta e Fagioli with sliced of Bacon from Falorni Butchers


On Via Mondola  there is a lovely bar area along with a selection of fantastic local food products for purchase including eggs by Paolo Parisi.
Obviously by the name the main food they are serving is Pasta! perfect for lunch. The brand of pasta is De Cecco still an Italian Brand unfortunately not using 100% Italian Grain although it is an excellent pasta.  There is also a section of starters, salads and be sure to leave space for the desserts.


Small cubes of different flavoured artisanal gelato covered in Chocolate. Called ‘Dai-Dai’ 

Upon arrival I was served a delicious selection of warm focaccia with different toppings. My pasta fagioli was delicious, wine by the glass was good Antinori Santa Cristina a perfect table wine for the day.  Waiters are charming and very friendly.   Loved the dessert! and the coffee is ok too




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