Palazzo Belfiore – Apartments in Florence

Last week I met the lovely Federico Manager of Palazzo Belfiore. A historical residence that consists of Seven apartments all beautifully furnished and perfectly restored. The apartments are all self contained with a fully equipped kitchen and washing machine.

annalouisa apt

Anna Maria Louisa Apartment Sleeps 2 + 2

All of the Apartments are named after the most powerful family to ever rule Florence ‘The Medici’ names include Lorenzo il Magnifico Leone X and even Bianca Capello the mistress then wife of Francesco de Medici. The palace where she once lived is just around the corner from Palazzo Belfiore.

clarice apartment
The Clarice Apartment – Sleeps 4 + 2 

Most Apartments can accommodate 2 – 4 adults comfortably. The Apartments are perfect for families giving you all the comforts necessary in the city centre of Florence. There are some rooms that can even accommodate 6 adults.

Biancacapello apartment 1

The Bianca Capello Apartment sleeps 2 +2  

The Residence makes you feel like you have a home in one of the most perfect positions of the city. Situated on the oltrarno between Palazzo Pitti and Piazza Santo Spirito.  A local artisanal district minutes from the main sites of the city such as the Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery and Piazza Duomo.

caterina dei medici

The Bianca Capello Apartment sleeps 2 +2  

I find historical residences one of the best places to stay in Italy.  You have a sense of local and culture that you don’t find in a Hotel. The owners have added a few special comforts in the apartments. The ideal home infusers by Aqua Flor and a special Palazzo Belfiore Tea custom made for the residence by  Oro Nero – a tea and chocolate shop located in Piazza Pitti.
One of the seven apartments can also accommodate travellers on Wheelchairs. The entire space is custom made to give all the comforts necessary.

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