The Negroni Cocktail – An Italian Legend

The famous Negroni Cocktail was created in Florence at a historical bar on Via dei Tornabuoni where a well known personality frequented called Count Camillo Negroni.
The count asked bar man Fosco Scarselli to add gin to his original Americano.

fosco scarselli

Fosco Scarselli – The Barman who invented the Negroni Cocktail

Today in place of the original Bar  is the store of Local Designer Roberto Cavalli. Where you can also find the Caffe Giacosa bar named after the historical drogheria- bar that covered the entire corner. The current caffe giacosa still serves a top Negroni using the original vermouth created in Piedmont 1876 ‘Carpano – Antico Formula’.

cafe giacosa

Although if you really want to enjoy the best Negroni in town you have to visit Rivoire Cafe where you will find the king of the Negroni Cocktail ‘Luca Picchi’.  Luca Picchi is a legendary barman.  He has researched the story of the Negroni Cocktail for over 16 years in his book  ‘The Negroni Cocktail – An Italian Legend’ he retraces the footsteps of Count Cammillo Negroni.

Aperitivo Gallery 5
Luca Picchi – Head bar man at Caffe Rivoire 

His book covers the period of 1865 when Florence was Capital.  It was the belle époque of Florence a time when wealthy foreigners frequented the city well known poets, writers and aristocrats even resided in homes around the foothills of the city. In the elegant and furnished lounges that we can still see today in our historical bars like Gilli and Rivoire tea, chocolate and coffee were served.

Negroni Cocktail







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