Top 10 Fish Restaurant’s in Florence

It is important to remember that apart from Cod (coming from Norway or Iceland) and Octopus (Mediterranean Sea -fished mostly from Livorno) traditional Florentine food does not include fish.

The reason is because we are quite a distance from the sea and in Italy we eat what grows according to the season and the region.  Although the unfortunate truth is that the best fish restaurants in the entire country are in Milan. The reason why is because the top restaurants import the best products from the coastal Regions.

The typical fish that is farmed from the Mediterranean and that you will see on most menus in Italy is Clams (Vongole Verace), Mussels, Spiny Crab (Granola), Spiny Lobster, Red Shrimp, Tuna, Swordfish, European Bass (Branzino), Sea Bream (Orata), Octopus, Calamari,

The best fish restaurants in Florence typically have a menu that changes daily (depending on the fresh daily catch). Fish from the Mediterranean is very small so if you are served large shrimp – this is an import typically from Argentina, Large Lobster – coming from the USA. The only import you should see in  a top fish restaurant is Oysters coming from France.

You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to fish restaurants in Florence. We are drowning in all you can eat chinese restaurants making so called ‘fusion – asian’ recipes. We also have a number of new pop up ‘cheap’ fish restaurants. These restaurant purchase fish that is the lowest category and these are the places you want to AVOID.

Here is a list of our favourites:


Price per person from 120 Euro
Open since 2000.  The most traditional of the entire selection where you will be served the fresh catch of the day. The fish is coming from the fish market of Viareggio so there is no set menu. The waiter will typically ask if you would like a degustation of raw fish or cooked fish to start.
For the first course we recommend the lobster – ‘Catalana’ style pasta served with spaghetti with delicious flavours of the spiny lobster.

Price per person from 100 Euro 
Executive chef Peter Brunel and Resident Chef Gilberto Vanini create mouth watering  Japanese – Peruvian fusion known as Nikkei.  We love sipping on cocktails while enjoying these delicious flavours in the gorgeous ambience of the Gallery Art Hotel. This is by far one of the cities top sushi restaurants. Consider in Florence we only have two!

Price per person from 100 Euro
A small and quaint restaurant that only seats 30 persons. Is the perfect fish restaurant for a romantic dinner. There is also seating outside.  Chef Marco Romei selects the finest quality ingredients to create divine flavours that he prepares with passion and perfection.
We especially love his hand made pasta with delicate fish flavours.

Sommelier Niccolò Paludo & Head Chef Daniele Pescatore

Price per person from 100 Euro
One of the most beautiful locations in the city. Part of the complex of the Church of Carmine and under the severe regulations of the ‘Belle Arte’. Once the original restaurant of local designer Roberto Cavalli.  Chef Daniele Rieccolo and sous chef Yuchi Taharasako create the perfect equilibrium of fish plates combining neapolitan and japanese culture to create suburb food

Main Room at Ristorante Portofino

Price per person 70 Euro 
Another classic traditional Florentine Restaurant. Frequented by local personalities including local fashion designer ‘Roberto Cavalli’.  Fresh and delicious exactly how a fish restaurant should be. We particularly love the chefs ‘degustation menu’.

Osteria Personale

Price per person 70 Euro 
I am so lucky to be living upstairs from this incredible restaurant! Owner Matteo Fantini has an individual style. Exactly like the name of his restaurant Matteo personally selects his seasonal ingredients and creates unforgettable flavors using top national and regional products. We love his degustation menu and his wine cellar full of unknown national boutique wineries

Brasserie La Couchette
Price per person 70 Euro 
A new entry to our city.  Architect Tomaso Rossi has created a cool contemporary space that is not only pleasing to the eye it is functional for this restaurant.
You can sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail with a delicious aperitif of fresh oysters or sit in the dining area for a dinner of delicious fish flavours. We love the grand plateau of raw fish


Ristorante Belcore
Price per person 50 Euro 
Another fantastic fish restaurant and a place where you can be sure to find excellent fish and meat. The genius owner has Japanese chefs and typically the when aspiring Japanese chefs come to Florence to work in the restaurant scene they start off here. Successful Koto Ramen chef started as a sous-chef at Belcore.  The wine list is excellent one of our favourite in Florence.

FullSizeRender (1)

Price per person 50 Euro 
The second sushi option in Florence. Perfect for lunch or dinner. Fresh sushi is made by Brazilian – Japanese chefs and laid out on a conveyer belt that surrounds the kitchen.
The top floor is Japanese barbecue that is fresh and delicious.

La Mattonaia
Price per person 50 Euro 
Superb flavors one of our favorite restaurants in town. A rare situation where you can eat excellent pizza, vegan dishes, meat and fish.  The fish is spectacular. Chefs Ciccio & Gianni are from the original Filipepe Restaurant on Via San Niccolo. The fish selection is fantastic delicious first courses, raw fish and grilled selection are all top. Be sure to leave space for dessert as it is always amazing! Ask for a table downstairs where you find the best atmosphere.




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