Pasticceria Gualtieri- 100% Vegan

Via Senese 18r
Telephone: 055 221771 

Riccardo Gualtieri 

Riccardo Gualtieri is the owner of fourth generation pastry shop that began in the charming and affluent district of Porta Romana in 1933. Today his daughter Ginevra also takes part in the managing and directing of the store.

In 1933 Pasticerria Gualtieri became well known to locals for its ‘Iris Cake’ – its name Iris in honour of Florence with its symbol ‘Il Giglio’ being the Iris. The Iris cake is made with out flour. This cake is still made on request at the Pastry store and is well known not only in Italy but by the rest of the world

The Iris Cake 

In May of 2013  Riccardo decided to revise the recipes offered at his store replacing them with ingredients for those those suffering food allergies and intolerances. More than a job this dedication has become a passion and a mission to find special ingredients for those who did not have sweet pleasures  readily available.

It is here where he invented the recipe known as ‘7 senza’  1. with out gluten 2. with out milk 3.with out butter 4. with out egg 5.with out margarine 6. with out yeast 7. with out sugar !

This passion has even bought Riccardo to go above and beyond! he also creates sweets for those who suffer Osteoperosis: and this is where his pastries have a base of ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals, with the highest quality of milk, almond,apricot and other top products.


Today you can taste 100% vegan pastries that present cruelty free, with out any animal products and most importantly that are absolutely delicious

Be sure to visit for a tea or coffee and taste pure and light sweets. that have no added OGM, traces of peanuts, rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins and minerals.

100% vegan cakes also available to order for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and events

One of the recipes from ‘Come il Calcio sui Maccheroni’ a recipe book written by Vegan Chef – Gabriele Palloni, Riccardo Gualtieri & Bon Specialist Maria Luisia Brandi


Fior di Latte di Cioccolato Vegan senza Glutine –  Gluten Free, Vegan Almond Milk Chocolate Cake

For 6 persons
300 ml Vegetable Cream
200ml Almond Milk
80 g Light Cane Sugar
500g Dark Chocolate

Heat the Vegetable cream and Almond Milk on pot on a small flame. Once hot (around 80°) add sugar and chocolate.
Turn of the flame and stir well once all ingredients is mixed well together add it in to a round pan and leave in the fridge for two hours.
*Nutritional values in 100g: Calories 305cal, Proteine 4.04g, Magnesium 39mg, Calcium 29mcg






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