Trapizzino at Mercato Centrale Firenze

Street food guru Stefano Callegari has added a divine Roman delight to the Mercato Centrale in Florence.

Trapizzino stand at Mercato Centrale

The Trapizzino  –  a triangular Roman pizza bianca pocket (Tra = Tramezzino means Sandwich) filled with delicious traditional Roman recipes that include Chicken Cacciatore, Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, Eggplant Parmigiana, Tongue in a Parsley and EVO sauce and my favourite Stracciatella cheese made with buffalo milk and anchovies.

My plan was to eat just one so I chose the eggplant parmesan Trapezzino. I had eat a second so I went for the Stracciatella and Anchovy Trapezzino. The flavor is delicious and the pizza base is so light.

Trapizzino with Stracciatella and Anchovy

The Trapizzino  has gained a world wide following with restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, Melbourne and Tokyo.  What makes the perfect flavours and its light pizza base all comes down to top quality local ingredients.


Stefano has been working with pizza dough for almost 30 years he has gained enough experience to learn about how to perfect this ingredients. He has 5 basic traits that make each piece authentic.

1 – White Pizza – the base never changes – the flavours change with the season

2. Mother Yeast – The light pizza bread is guaranteed from the Mother Yeast – with a minimum of 24 hour levitation

3. The Recipes – The recipes are the result of extensive research, keeping the methods of family tradition

4. The Time – It takes 2 days to make 10 Trapizzinos that includes the leavening steps and slow stewed cooking.

5. The passion and Care – Perhaps the most important step and what makes this street food experience so special – A Stefano and Paul Pansera his partners beliefs – To educate people to eat real Italian food and the declare our love for cooking every way possible

This is what makes this flavour and experience so beautiful it is the passion of Italian’s to master perfection of their heritage to spread the delicious flavors of Roman and Italian Cooking all over the world.  Perfection!  go taste it right away !!!









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