Cinque Terre – Responsible Tourism

The Cinque Terre are five fishing villages situated along the Ligurian Coast that include the towns Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola & Rio Maggiore.  The rugged mountains and incredible views are perfect for hiking or taking a private boat for lunch and to witness the views.

Rio Maggiore

For more than Ten years the lands have escalated in a mass tourism. The villages do not have the infrastructure for so many tourists. Here are a few tips on how to visit as a responsible tourist. Travelling is one of the best ways to learn about a culture it is also important to respect the people that live in these small towns.

Heading to Vernazza for lunch !!

You have to be in really good shape to climb the mountains and hike. At the first town of Rio Maggiore I climbed over 60 stairs to arrive at the port to take the ferry to Manarola. It took another 60 stairs to experience the beautiful views.


In Manarola & Vernazza you can find these gorgeous views after climbing  hundreds of stairs to visit Castles, experience great views and to take the ferry or train.

View of Vernazza from the Castle of 150 stairs for this view

Take a private or small group tour with no more than 12 persons. If you are coming from FLORENCE a day trip is ideal. Take a Chauffeur driven sedan or small van to meet with a certified guide typically an ambience guide or tour leader who can show you a beautiful and unforgettable experience. You can meet the guide at Rio Maggiore or an expert guide can depart with you from Florence


There are around 100 certified ambience guides that live in Liguria. This is the most ideal way to experience the five lands through the eyes of a local.  Umberto Cattani is a professional guide he is a guide, tour leader, ambience guide and driver! Living in Carrara the beautiful hill town close to the Cinque Terre that has the most older marble quarries in the world. He organises private tours from Florence and other towns along the coast. He also organises small group tours with Cinque Terre Urban Adventures


If you want to experience the Cinque Terre although can not climb hundreds of stairs or you do not want to hike an alternative is to visit Monterosso.
This is the perfect stop if you are on your way to Portofino. You can walk less than 1km to enjoy lunch and take in the beautiful views.

The best way to see any coastline in Italy is from the a boat.  You can hire mega yachts from La Spezia that will cost you around 8000 Euro for the day for a group of up to 10 adults.   You can also take a tour on a small boat from Rio- maggiore that will allow you to see caves and beautiful views of the coast line.

Great views from the Yacht 


Cher was on this one !!

There are many beautiful towns where you can lodge along the Ligurian Coast line. A quaint town that is picture perfect and also very flat so easy to walk around is Lerici where you can find four start boutique hotels. Hotel San Terenzo  has very few rooms situated directly on the sea. You can hear the ocean while you are sleeping it is absolutely gorgeous!  Piccolo Hotel del Lido is another great option.



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