Eat, Drink in Florence Santo Sprito District

The official district of Santo Spirito covers the area of the Oltra-arno the other side of the arno covering the three bridges from the Ponte Vecchio, Ponte Santa Trinita and Ponte and Ponte Alla Carraia – along the Via Romana up to the Door of Porta Romana that then swings back to Via dei Serragli.

I typically like to arrive in to the district from from Via Tornabuoni cross over the Ponte Santa Trinita Bridge one of the most beautiful bridges reconstructed in 1958 after being bombed during WWII using the original design by Michelangelo.

Arrive in Piazza Frescobaldi a square named after a the Marchesi Frescobaldi a historical wine family from Florence.  After 27 generations of wine making the Frescobaldi still live on Via Santo Spirito the street.

Beef Fillet with Fried Zucchini Flower & Artichoke

On the left side Sprone Fountain by Buontalenti you can find Borgo S.Jacopo where you can find one of Florences best traditional restaurants Trattoria Camillo 
If I am in the mood for a fillet hand made pasta with truffle particularly in October when the white truffle arrives this is the place we go with my family and friends. Still family run and very local. Once of the few top local restaurants in the city.

If you take Via della Sprone you will arrive in the charming Piazza della Passera where you can enjoy lovely lunch at Quatrro Leone  love their fresh salads and sitting out in this gorgeous square.

Opening Time from 12pm

Gelato shop – Gelateria della Passera 
Via Toscanella 15r
Freshly made daily and served in the Carapina (stainless steel cylinders) the best way to conserve freshly made gelato. I love their innovative flavors this summer they had NEGRONI it was delicious. I also love their in house 7 fragrance gelato with cloves, white pepper, orange and more.


Coffee – Tea – Aperitivo Caffe degli Artigiani
Local caffe still using local coffee brand Mokarra  one of my favourites. Love a spritz in the Piazza around 7pm perfect local place to enjoy a drink sitting out on the cute chairs along the Via Toscanella or directly in the square.

Coffee – Aperitivo – Brunch Dittà Artigianale 
A group of smart young florentines invented this local top quality brand that serves a fantastic brunch, great cocktails and coffee. The coffee is different to the typical 100% arabica italian strong coffee flavors you will find in bars all over Italy. Their signature and what makes them different is their delicate more perfumed coffee beans coming from Guatemala, Ecuador this is a flavour perfect with milk.
They also serve a delicious chai latte

Lunch – Dinner – Wine Tasting  – Enoteca Pitti e Gola
Piazza Pitti 16
50125 Firenze

The brothers are still doing a great job at this enoteca serving delicious flavors with their vast selection of mostly regional and northern Italian Red Wines. I particularly love their boutique selection of Chianti Classico typically from the Sienese wine area along with their Barolo selection. They have just recently opened a restaurant that is also excellent I am not sure which wine selection I love more the one at the enoteca or the one at the restaurant both exceptional.
Their restaurant Osteria dell Enoteca is situated on Via Romana 70/r just a little further down the road from the Enoteca still within the District of Santo Spritio. The menu perfect for meat lovers only!


Caffe – Snacks – Bar Tabacchi
Via Maggio 29-31
50125 Firenze

A typical traditional caffe – Tabacchi with few tables and a huge bar where you stand and enjoy a fantastic coffee.  A stop for most Florentines that still live in the district.

Tea Room – Snacks Via del Tè
Via Santo Spirito 11
50125 Firenze

Part of the Private Home of the Frescobaldi family. This pretty salon is the perfect place to enjoy one of over 250 tea kinds available. You can also find a beautiful selection of refillable tea tins.

The Via del Tè was founded in 1961 by Alfredo Carrai. Alfredo a true tea lover decided to take the challenge of introducing the pleasures of Tea to Italians. A pleasure unknown to our culture. The desire to learn more about the second most drunk beverage in the world lead Alfredo on numerous journeys with out losing awareness that their is always another tea waiting to be discovered.
The brand name ‘ La Via del Tè’ was created in the 80’s as a tribute to the Japanese tradition of the cha-no-yu which has its foundation in the chado that is the ‘Via del Tè’

Wine Bar and light lunch – IL Santino 
Via Santo Spirito 60
There are only four or five very small tables, you can also sit at the bar. You can typically find a table from around 05.30pm – 07.30pm. After this hour crowds of locals arrive for a glass of wine and a taste of their delicious crostini, local cheeses and salumi. The owner selects an amount of fresh organic flavours from local farms that pair perfectly with his local and national wine selection a divine little stop for aperitif.

Local Restaurant – Il Santo Bevitore 
Via Santo Spirito 64/66
055 211 264
A beautiful Osteria that serves a daily menu for lunch of typical Florentine fair with yummy fresh salads with a wonderful list of kraft beer and local wine.
They place is typically packed so it is recommended to book before arrival. Staff are friendly.

Local Restaurant – GustaOsteria
Via dei Michelozzi 13r
The perfect corner for a Sunday lunch where you can ideally people watch and enjoy picture perfect views of the facade of the Basilica of Santo Spritio. The last design by architectural master Filippo Brunelleschi.
The Osteria serves typical and traditional fair that is moderately priced. Their table red wine is also perfect with the plates served

The original tools of the wood worker who once owned this workshop

Caffe – Snacks – Aperitivo – Volume 
I love sitting in this bar to reminisce of the past when this place was the work shop of Luciano and Roberto Bini. Who carried on their fathers artisan craft of hat blocks that were used for traditional milliners models for making hand made hats. After the brothers died and their only apprentice the workshop was bought by the restaurant next door who have preserved all of the Bini families hand carved objects.
A great place to get a sense of the artisans of the florence and crafts from the past. Perfect for coffee and crepes.

Local Restaurant with a Fusion Twist – Tamero
Piazza Santo Spirito 11r
This once mechanics garage has been transformed to a cool space for hand made pasta so perfect for primi and unique plates of flavoursome fair.
The kitchen blends tradition with contemporary so in the summer you can enjoy a plate of ceviche, or a fish panzanella with a kraft beer or glass of crisp white pecorino varietal from Le Marche. All round this restaurant is charming sitting out in the main square or inside.

A Pint of View 
Borgo Tegalaio 17/r
50125 Firenze
A new addition to Santo Spirito is this delicious gem A Pint of View the brilliant owners of Florences secret bar Raspitin have emerged from their little underground hideaway on to the charming side street on to Borgo Tegalaio. Enjoy a selection of interesting cocktails or enjoy one of their many craft beers with tasty and authentic Korean Cuisine.

Wine Shop – Enoteca Millesimi
Borgo Tegalaio 33/r
50125 Firenze

This impressive wine shop one of Florences best has a vast selection of Regional, National and European wines. Including Boutique and well known Champagne.

Raw food – Meats and Fish Restaurant A Crudo Bistrot 
Via Mazzetta 5r
I would recommend this restaurant more for its raw beef tartar or carpaccio that is freshly made when you order. You can hear the cook dicing up the fresh delicious meat.  As for the fish most of the selection was smoked rather than raw.
Plates are served by their pleasant staff and the space is cozy. Particularly the cellar rooms down stairs perfect for a group of 4-6 friends.


Bakery – Forno Pintucci 
Via delle Caldaie 2/4r
Fantastic artisanal bakery. Open since 1993 delicious selection of sweet and savoury. I particularly love their grissini and schiacciata with evo and kosher salt.


Butchers – Macelleria Massimo e Leonardo di Martini Massim e Leonardo Fallaci
Via delle Caldaie 4
50125 Firenze
There are many butchers that I absolutely love in Florence. I will go as far as Sant’Ambrogio to buy certain meats. Although Santo Spirito is on my way to picking up my boys from school so this butcher is perfect and he has a great selection.

Caffe and Restaurant – Il Ciccho di Caffe dalla Lola
Via della Chiesa 16/r
I love this little caffe and restaurant very few tables that serve. You can stop for a a morning cappuccino and at lunch they serve very simple and delicious first course and second courses


Caffe – Bar – Restaurant – Caffe Notte
Via delle Caldaie 18
50125 Firenze
A great morning cappuccino stop, lovely lunch and super for aperitivo. Very small cozy place that also has a lovely cakes for afternoon snacks. The coffee is superb.


Raw Vegan – Open daily perfect for lunch and snacks – RAW
Via Sant Agostino 11R
Florence Italy
One of my favourite eateries in Florence. The fresh flavors of their hand made breads for their wraps, delicious salads and vegetables dishes and their gelato is to die for love, love love!!  They also have take away along with their fresh shakes and shots








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