Traveling by Train in Italy

With out a doubt Italy has the most advanced high speed trains in Europe.   We have two types of high speed trains one is ‘Le Frecce’(rossa, argento & bianca) run by Trenitalia – Italy’s state owned TGV and the other one is ‘Italotreno’ – a privatised company founded by NTV – Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (new travellers transport).
NTV was created by Italy’s most powerful business men Luca Cordero di Montezemolo Group CEO of Ferrari and Diego della Valle CEO of Tod’s,   This privatised transport company was the first ever to create competition against the state. Known as the fourth fastest train in the world. Its interiors designed and covered by Poltrona Frau the same leather company to upholster Ferrari this train became known as the Ferrari bullet train.
In Italy it is impossible to go against the state so when Italo began in 2011 the state started with only allowing Italo arrival and departures from less know stations for example rather than arriving at Rome Termini they would only arrive at Tiburtina and the same in other major cities like Milan, Venice, Florence and Naples. The state had hoped this would extinguish NTV although it hasn’t as is still running.
In February 2018 NTV -ITALO was bought by the American Company GIP – Global Infrastructure partners and the glam ideas or the Italian Ferrari & Tods CEO has been extinguished by the incredible changes to the LE FRECCE.

In Seven years Trenitalia has lifted its game and offers the absolute best in high speed train comfort.  The Freccia Rossa runs at speed of 300km per hour and has a total of 187 connections per day with variable hours. There are 111 Freccia rossa currently in service between Rome and Milan, 46 between Milan and Venice and 26 between Rome and Venice. The Freccia Argento runs at a speed of 250km per hour with 48 daily connections from Rome to other major cities from the North to the South as far as Napoli Centrale.
The Freccia Bianca is almost non excitant and only has 42 trains per day connections from major cities to southern italy typically as far as Calabria this is the only region where train lines are not sufficient for the top two.

Take a look at the diffence between the classes Freccia Rossa & Argento in economy – premium, business and our favourite executive. An important difference is although Frecce has better services and comforts, Italo’s WIFI always works and FRECCE WIFI never works !

The most luxury class that exists in Italian Transport – Executive Class – Frecce Rossa 

Seasonal Menu by renowned Milanese Chef – Carlo Cracco. If you travel before lunch or dinner you can enjoy aperitivo with Mozzarella di buffala DOP, cocktails and a great wine list

Spacious cabin with only 8 chairs – comfortable and reclinable seating


Chairs can also be utilised for Business meetings

Executive Class – Freccia Argento older interiors although comfortable with sam menu as Freccia Rossa 

Italo Club – Prestige Class private cabins for four – with reclinable seating all upholstery by Poltrona Frau. Welcome drink and snacks are very average much better quality snacks in Freccia Rossa business class

Italo Prestige Class – seating is not reclinable snacks are offered

Italo – Premium Class uncomfortable and un-reclinable chairs – newspapers and snacks are offered.



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