Best Pizza in Florence

So as you know Florence is the birthplace of numerous divine dishes and Pizza is not one of them. Although if you are in town and feel like one here are a few great options: 

Santarpia Giovanni Santarpia is one of Italy’s best Pizzaiolo’s. From his wonderful restaurant where I had the chance to eat at years ago in the hamlet of San Donato in Chianti Classico Ristorante Palazzo Pretorio to his new location in Florence Santarpia he has even been rated in the top Pizza’s of Italy in the Gambero Rosso  When you taste his Napolitan Pizza made with top ingredients such as burrata, bottarga, anchovy, mozzarella di buffalo, Friarelli & sausage the list goes on… with its 48H leavening and use of 100% Italian Grain Petra  its no wonder it is almost impossible to get a reservation. My boys loved it! Diego said it was like the pizza in Napoli and Giulio gave it a four out of five explaining the tomato overpowered the flavour of the mozzarella which is a great sign those fresh pulpy sweet tomatoes. Yum we can’t wait to return !


La Pepiniere –  A New addition to our district where I live in San Frediano uses 48-100 hour pizza dough of ancient grains. Fresh vegan and vegetarian toppings the pizza is to perfection


Pizzeria Sud –  Roman Pizza guru Stefano Callegari owner of famous Roman Pizzeria Sforno  and inventor of the Pizza Sandwich Trapezzino  is now running the show at Mercato Centrale Firenze  at Pizzeria Sud where you can actually book a table up stairs and be served to enjoy one of Florences best Pizza. Be sure to taste the Filletto – thin slices of san marzano tomato on a bed of mozzarella topped with fresh basil is a delight and his salsiccia and friarelli  – a Roman bitter vegetable is the best!


Simbiosi Bio  that you can also find at Molo 5  during the summer from May to October is a worthy pizzeria.  An interesting selection like their apple and gorgonzola pizza and even their traditional margherita is perfect with 48 hour Pizza dough and original 100% Italian Grains


La Casella 18 – In the heart of the Historical centre just a street away from the Cathedral you can find this lovely family run restaurant that serves a delicious Pizza along with other lovely primi and salads. The menu changes from Lunch to dinner offering a wide selection of local fair. Pizza is also served for lunch one of my favourites is their Pizza Bianca!


Pank – David Bedu: The divine bakery of David Becu situated on the top floor of Mercato Centrale is the place for pizza by the slice. David Bedu’s uses ancient stone ground flour from four different granaries that include ‘Molino Grifoni’ – Arezzo, ‘Molino di Piezza’ – Lucca with mother yeast to create an easy to digest and incredible flavoursome heavenly slice of Pizza.

Obica’ – The delightful Mozzarella bar on one of the most beautiful streets of Florence serves a delicious thin crust wood fired pizza. Using a mother years left to rise for 48 hours.

Ristorante Pizza Man: The perfect Napolitan style pizza so not your typical Northern Italian thin crust. Yeast is left to rise for 48 hours so the base is light and flavoursome. The restaurant also prepares gluten free pizza for celiacs

Divina Pizza – This is definitely Gourmet Pizza so if you are looking for a cheap meal this is not the place for you! This family run institute of bakers has a selection of incredible pizza some of the best I have ever eaten! toppings include zucchini flower, truffle, funghi porcini, nduja the list goes on….  Apart from the great toppings again the difference with this Pizza is the dough. The pizza is made more like a Roman Pizza long in length rather than round so you can try a selection of flavours rather than just having a mono – round per person size.  You can dine in or take away

Il Pizzaiuolo –  Situated in the St Ambroggio district still continues to be one of the best pizzeria in town. Making Napolitan style pizza. The pizza is cooked in a wood fire stone oven. You will also find a selection of other great foods. This is a typical family type restaurant.











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