COVID – 19 Life in Florence / San Lorenzo

After two months in lock down it has been so nice to be able to move beyond 200m from our homes! Florence is as beautiful as ever although it certainly is missing its buzz.

With most stores closed along with Galleries and Churches the City is looking quite desolate. Although with such beauty and architectural masterpieces we can still enjoy a lovely walk. Masks are obligatory and social distancing is still a part of life.

What I really miss is the interaction.  My morning cappucino at a local bar. . Meeting up with friends, watching kids play in the main squares. I miss meeting travellers to recount stories about our city and take them on walks to discover what our city has to offer

Today I visited the San Lorenzo Market just to see what was going on and what is open. The ground floor Growers, Butchers, fish mongers and delicatessens are open for business from Monday to Saturday 08.00am – 02.00pm. The Pasta Fresca also organizes deliveries

It is a great way to help local businesses and visit the Mercato Centrale to purchase various goods from the few vendors that are open.

Here is a list of what is open:

Bambi Tripperia – The oldest Tripe Stand and vendor in the city. Currently selling take away tripe specialties. Including their delicious Peposo di Brunelleschi and ragu. Take a look at their takeaway menu or click on their web link to see delivery options

Alimentari Perini Bruno–  Typical Tuscan IGP salume and Cheeses, with other delicacies including truffles, sundried tomato, schiacciata and more. They also have a seleciton of take away foods made fresh daily. You can see their daily menu on their facebook page

It was so nice to see Lory still making her biscotti! You can even visit her Alto Bio website for top Tuscan Products avaialable on line

Visit  Agritusimo Annita’s wonderful stand with their local organic farm to table products.


The Mercato Centrale will not be open until June 2020.

Take a look at my video to see more.

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