Be Spoke Curated Accessories made in Florence

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting two Luxury brands in Florence. I arrived at the Worshop and showroom Stefano Bemer. The brand makes Be-Spoke men’s shoes and tailored suits. The store is in a sconsecrated Church on Via San Niccolo. One of Florence’s most beautiful districts on the Oltra arno.

Workshop and Show Room Stefano Bemer

A walk down this historical charming road. That’s shadowed by its medieval tower. ‘La Torre di San Niccolo’ The only door that shows us the actual height of the original walls of the city.

The Tower of San Niccolo

I met Filippo who showed me around the three floor space. Upon arrival you can see their team of shoemakers working away. The tailors are measuring and sewing. The entire place gives you that wonderful feeling of true sustainable fashion.

Tailoring & Be Spoke Shoe’s

At the age of 18 Stefano Bemer was a local cobbler in his home town Greve in Chianti. Stefano was a self taught shoe maker . With his talent and passion he opened his first store in the district of San Frediano. In the 1990’s his second store opened in Toyko. Stefano became one of the most sort out Italian show makers in the world. After his sad passing in 2012. The brand name Stefano Bemer was purchases by Filippo’s cousin. Who is the current CEO Tommaso Melani. Their grandfather founded the ‘Scuola del Cuoio’ in 1950.

As Filippo explains, some people need bespoke shoes because they can not fit in to ready to wear shoes. Some people like the prestige. The price for Stefano Bemers bespoke shoes starts at 3000 Euro. Plus a fee of 600 Euro for the development of the last. Once they have the exact measurments and have created the last. The shoes can be ordered via email.

After visitng the Bespoke Showroom of Stefano Bemer. I went to meet Filippo’s sister Beatrice at the Leather School of Florence. The Leather School is behind the Church of Santa Croce. The school and showroom was founded in 1950. The monks asked Francesco Gori to open the school for the orphans of WWII. Franceso was a local artisan who’s work shop was on Via del Corso. Together with his brother in law and best friend Silvano Casini they opened the school.

Today the boutique show cases their hand made accessories. You can see the master leathermakers. Making hand made products on the original work benches from 1950. The leather school has continued to grow and teaches students from all over the world.

A visit to Local Artisans in Florence


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